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This tour encompasses all the main highlights of St. Petersburg that a ship passenger can visit during a one-day port call, providing the most complete experience of the city’s architecture and culture possible within such a short time span. It is designed to give the tourists a condensed overview of the key historical sights.
During the tour you will visit
  • Spilt Blood Cathedral (photostop)
  • Peterhof Fountain Park + Grand Palace
  • State Hermitage Museum
  • Hydrofoil
  • 1 lunch included (packed lunch on a group tour)
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07:00 Ship’s arrival
09:00Start of the tour, Highlights drive tour: Nevsky Prospekt, National Library, Kazan Cathedral, the Square of Arts, Russian Museum, Ethnographical Museum, Michael’s Castle, Summer Gardens of Peter the Great, the log cabin of Peter the Great, the Spit of Basil Island, The State St Petersburg University, the Monument of Peter the Great, Admiralty, Theatre Square with famous Mariinsky Theatre, St Nicholas Cathedral
10:30-11:30 Drive to Peterhof – the Russian Versailles
11:40-12:30A visit to the Grand Palace in Peterhof
12:30-13:30 Tour of the Peterhof Fountain Park
13:30-14:00 Hydrofoil to St-Petersburg.
14:00-14:55 Photopstops: Spilt Blood Cathedral, St.Isaac's Cathedral, Palace Square. Lunch (packed lunch to save time).
15:00-16:30 A guided tour of the State Hermitage Museum
16:30 - 17:00Back to the ship
In order to get off the ship on time, please follow our disembarkation instructions - you will get a ticket with instructions after a tour booking. The group will be waiting for those who are late no longer than 30 min. after time of excursion which is in your ticket and then will start the tour. The touring van shall be dispatched immediately after they are filled. But the manager will wait for the late clients for another 1/2h, 1h in total counting from the time in your ticket. If the late clients are there within this time, they will be taken to the city and joined the group. In case of showing up later then 1/2h after time, payment for the transportation to the city will be covered by the client. We kindly request that you be punctual in onsideration of your fellow cruise mates who will be joining you on your group tour.
This tour is not suitable for "slow walkers" or mobility restricted persons. There is unfortunately no place to load walker devices or wheelchairs in the vehicles