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Cancellation Policy

DenRus: 2022 Cancellation Policy

It is every person’s prerogative to cancel their Shore Excursion reservations with DenRus for any reason. Though, cancellations must be made in advance - before the services are to be provided.

Please carefully read the information below to avoid any misunderstanding.

Because there might be a cancellation fee applicable, it is our strong recommendation that you would obtain locally a Travel Insurance to protect you during your vacation.

Our main principle is the following: DenRus shall make 100%* refund of the tour cost (* - see #3 of special cases), provided the Cancellation Notice is received more than the 5 business days prior to your arrival in our Baltic ports (Saturday and Sunday are not business-days).

Cancellations made on the 5th business day from the date of the tour, or within a shorter time are considered to be "no-show" and no refund is processed at all.

Form of Cancellation Notice: Every cancellation notice must be made in writing for the reason of having documented. Cancellation messages made by telephone are not acceptable. For your cancellation, please, send a free format cancellation request by e-mail to You may alternatively also send your cancellation notice to the personal e-mail address of the DenRus employee agent with whom you had your earlier correspondence. 

Include the following four (4) information points in your notice: 

  1. Your DenRus Order Number;
  2. The name of your ship and dates of shore excursions
  3. The name of the city or port and excursion to be canceled;
  4. The complete names (Last Names and First Names) of all those people you wish to cancel. This is extremely important in cases where you do not cancel the entire order but only certain individual persons drop out. So, please make it clear if your cancellation is a total cancellation or a partial cancellation. 

IMPORTANT: If you have booked a Private Custom Tour and you will have a reduction in the final number of people participating in your tour as a result of a limited cancellation, please, do not forget that your per person price is based on the number of people participating, so there might be a price increase for the remaining group members. 

Cancellation Timing: The date and time of your cancellation is the date and time as they are shown on your e-mail letter, and as dated and timed automatically by the internet system. Please do not delay emailing to DenRus, if you decide to make a cancellation.

Special cases - Important:

  1. Tour interruptions: If you have started your touring and you decide to interrupt it, skip part of it, or cancel the rest of it, there will be no refund for the unused part, provided you started your tour in the beginning. 

  2. Concert and theater tickets: Be noted, some theater tickets booked as an evening tour (Mariinsky, Alexandrinsky theaters, etc) are non-refundable. Please check the cancellation process with DenRus manager, if you decide to book the ballet evening.
  3. Tickets to Catherine's Palace become non-refundable 30 days before the visit to the venue.
  4. Changes in ship schedule: Throughout over 15 years of operating the tours in St Petersburg and other ports, there have been very few cases, ship did not dock in the port, or had to change the schedule, so order of ship calls was altered. These cases happened due to bad weather and are treated as "force majeure". If you are informed about these changes onboard the ship, please send e-mail to DenRus as soon as you know that, for we could check with each port and amend the reservations. If we cannot provide services due to mentioned force majeure case, you will receive refund (with the real expenses excluded).